Chad Goldwasser

Welcome! My name is Chad Goldwasser and my mission is to positively impact the lives of everyone I touch.

I live my mission every day by efficiently and effectively guiding real estate professionals through the path to success, financial freedom and a better life. I do this by empowering them with easy-to-implement methods, systems and tools that made me #1 in the real estate industry.

Here is what I have learned, and how I can help you "Unleash Your Potential!"

Interviewing?? Try this!

Had an awesome opportunity to help a friend this morning when she Facebook messaged me and said she was having trouble landing a job, she asked for my advice, here is my response, hope it helps you too:

Do you truly believe in yourself? Do you believe strongly that you deserve the jobs you are going after? Do you think that you are the absolute best for the job? Is that the mindset you are taking into these interviews? The person I remember growing up with is strong, smart, sweet, kind, funny, goofy, intelligent, and awesome! I believe you deserve those jobs you are going after, you have to believe it. If you walk in timid and scared and worried you will come off as such.

The reason people will hire you is not only for your skills and your resume it is because of what they see in you, strong belief! If you do not have it, build it! Every time I walk into an interview to list someones home for sale, right before I go in, I look into my car mirror and I say to my self, "I am the best at what I do, I am the best at what I do, I am the best at what I do, I will walk out of here with a signed listing agreement." Every morning when I wake up I say to myself, "It is an awesome day and I will positively impact the lives of everyone I touch!" I go through 25 affirmations every single day, feeding my mind with positive thoughts of who I am and what I will become. I drive belief into myself then I take action and I kick ass!

Our lives are to short to live in a negative self defeating state. I believe it is not only your skills and your resume that get you the job, I look for belief and confidence in people. This may be what you are lacking right now. Try this, I swear, it does not happen over night, but if you will commit to filling your mind with great thoughts about who you are, CONSISTENTLY, and you take action, you will watch your life change for the better for ever! After all, how do you think a troubled, non college grad, with no business background became one of the top producing real estate agents in the world….BELIEF! And action!

Love to you and believe in you!

Tone it down… NO!

When I meet a salesperson and they are very prim and proper, a little dull and little stale I tend not to buy from them. I love all people, but I love the ones with a little crazy streak in them, the funny ones, the quirky ones, the PASSIONATE ONES! I love people that truly let their freak flag fly, in life and in business.

I have a good friend, who is a client of mine too, who is over the top. He helps people buy BMW's for a living and he is a genuine one of a kind. Every time I talk to him I laugh. He is a bit crazy, a bit goofy and a whole lotta fun. He makes me feel normal. And you know what, I buy from him, I refer him and I genuinely do it with fervor and complete confidence. He is not only fun, he is great at what he does.

I've often wondered if I was to goofy or to out there for people. I often post what I consider motivational videos to the web and sometimes as I do, I wonder, should I hit send, is this too much?? No I say to myself, let it all out there, be who you are, if you are not you are robbing the world of your charisma and energy! I am not being annoying (in my opinion!) or weird, I am being me, a full on hardcore positively energized original human being. I live my life with passion and 10,000 megawatt energy (that is my affirmation!). It is that originality that attracts people to us, that fun, that energy, that smile, that genuine PASSION for life and what you do!

So, be who you are, let yourself be the original you with no regrets. You are amazing, you are awesome, you are a one of a kind, kick ass, energized passionate human being and you deserve all this life has to give! When you are genuine and authentic people will love you and when people love you and want to be around you you will watch your star rise! Don't tone it down, TONE IT UP!

Have an incredible day!

Drawing strength from your struggles!

I believe that we are all warriors, built with amazing greatness and power within us, we have what it takes to live incredible lives! But we will face struggles; that is a fact.

In 2009, I went up against a major obstacle, embezzlement. Over the course of a 3 year period my controller, someone I was trusting with our money, had been stealing. Over $500,000! My CFO was supposed to be on top of it, but he wasn't. It was a huge blow. Coming off some amazingly successful years, I brushed it aside because I knew I could make more money. But then in January of 2010 I lost the top agent with my company, and then preceded to lose over half of my 70 agents. I kept going, but then came blow #3, divorce. I sank into a deep depression believing my life was over. I barely had the will to live.

In your life and in your business, you will come up against great obstacles, great difficulties and great tragedies. You cannot give up though. Many people stop going after their dream when they face adversity. They believe that their vision is just not to be. They become stagnant and lose their drive and passion. This is a normal feeling. I wanted to give u - as a matter of fact, there were many days I contemplated not moving forward at all, dark days.

If you are facing major struggles, do not give up. There is a plan for you. There is hope, all is not lost when something is lost, just that something is gone. There is more for you, better times lie ahead if you just keep pushing and drawing strength from your struggles.

I am thriving again. It took 3 long years, but my life now is better than I could have ever imagined. My vision is back. I have a beautiful fiancé who I am deeply in love with, my company is thriving, I am healthy, happy and whole. I wanted to give up, but I never did. You cannot give up either, you have a bigger, brighter future, there is a more amazing plan for you!

Have a kickass day! cg

Don't live with regret.....

"Most people want to live to their full potential yet never even come close. Approximately 95% of our society settles for far less than what they want in life, wishing they had more, living with regret and never understanding they they could be, do and have all they want." Hal Elrod-Author, The Miracle Morning.

It is not all about money, having what you want means having happiness, joy, fun, energy, a fulfilling career-job-company, a great relationship, friends, health, excitement and great FAITH! I believe that we all have incredible talent and ability inside of us we just get stopped a lot, we get challenged, by ourselves, our mindsets, our setback and failures, other people. The key is to not get stopped and stop! You have to keep feeding your dreams and constantly Start and reStart making them happen.

Most people have big dreams and ambitions and they leave them bottled up inside. They die with the great dreams and ambitions still inside of them, they have a belief that they are not worthy of their dreams. YOU ARE WORTHY! I say Start, TODAY! Get your dreams out in the open, write them down, share them with others, think about all of them, let them marinate in your soul and get creative and figure out how to make them come true. You have everything inside of you, you were born and created for greatness, it is up to you to bring that out and start becoming everything God intends you to be. It is up to you...

Reminder to self. Go for it cg!