Chad Goldwasser

Welcome! My name is Chad Goldwasser and my mission is to positively impact the lives of everyone I touch.

I live my mission every day by efficiently and effectively guiding real estate professionals through the path to success, financial freedom and a better life. I do this by empowering them with easy-to-implement methods, systems and tools that made me #1 in the real estate industry.

Here is what I have learned, and how I can help you "Unleash Your Potential!"

Getting your Mindset Right

Each one of us has an internal dialogue going on as we walk around this world. We talk to ourselves about who we are, what we are doing, what we want to accomplish, our hopes and dreams, and we also look at our shortcoming, the reasons why we cannot do it, our past failures, death, war, sadness, drugs, anger, madness sometimes fills our minds. A lot of people focus on that BULLCRAP thinking and they start throwing their pity party and whining and complaining about why they cannot be a success and they get miserable and depressed and they spread that junk to everyone around them. It is all a lie! You can have it all, you can live a great life and you can be happy doing it, even freaking joyful to the max!!! It is up to you!!!

People can look at others and think, well they have not had to deal with what I have, MY LIFE IS SO HARD! Quit your whining! 

A gentlemen asked me recently if I "woke up excited", and the truth is I do. You can too. I have spent years diligently training myself to think positively, to look at the bright side, to be a beacon of hope a PUSHER OF POSSIBILITY! It does not come naturally, you have to work at it, you have to turn that self dialogue into an opportunity to change your life. You have to plant seeds of greatness in your mind by using positive affirmations (I go through 30 every morning), using a positive wake up thought, creating your utopia, reading and listening to great inspirational books, beating out the negative bs that enters your mind! Turn your mind into the strongest muscle in your body and use it for not only YOUR good but BE A FORCE FOR GOOD for of all those around you!!! Infect others with your incredible outlook!!

I could write about this all day and I am. Look for my new book, reStart, coming out this fall. It contains the 7 key principles I use in my daily life to bring about positive change in my life and in this world, I am on a mission! Go to if you like what you hear, check out my blog. I am going to use God's purpose for my life to change the world in the best way I know how, I am done taking my time, the TIME IS NOW!

I love y'all with all of my heart and soul!