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Welcome! My name is Chad Goldwasser and my mission is to positively impact the lives of everyone I touch.

I live my mission every day by efficiently and effectively guiding real estate professionals through the path to success, financial freedom and a better life. I do this by empowering them with easy-to-implement methods, systems and tools that made me #1 in the real estate industry.

Here is what I have learned, and how I can help you "Unleash Your Potential!"


It is a stunning day in Austin today! I was reading this morning out of a new book that I love called the 7 Mindsets and this struck me:

"To be great, we must be different, and different is not always comfortable. You must embrace your destiny and who you are and be fully committed to doing whatever it takes to pursue your passions."

I hope you are passionate about something or a lot of things and I hope that you are okay being different and not afraid to be who you are. Pursuing something you are passionate about comes with challenges, ups and downs, ridicule sometimes, people that despise you, people that will call you a fraud, you will feel doubt and worry and fear and you will also receive great rewards, you will be happy a lot more, you will have fun and be exuberant and you will work hard and love most every second.

I wish and pray that for you and for myself, this reading was a great reminder to never stop being who God intended me to be.

Have an awesome day my friends! cg

Getting your Mindset Right

Each one of us has an internal dialogue going on as we walk around this world. We talk to ourselves about who we are, what we are doing, what we want to accomplish, our hopes and dreams, and we also look at our shortcoming, the reasons why we cannot do it, our past failures, death, war, sadness, drugs, anger, madness sometimes fills our minds. A lot of people focus on that BULLCRAP thinking and they start throwing their pity party and whining and complaining about why they cannot be a success and they get miserable and depressed and they spread that junk to everyone around them. It is all a lie! You can have it all, you can live a great life and you can be happy doing it, even freaking joyful to the max!!! It is up to you!!!

People can look at others and think, well they have not had to deal with what I have, MY LIFE IS SO HARD! Quit your whining! 

A gentlemen asked me recently if I "woke up excited", and the truth is I do. You can too. I have spent years diligently training myself to think positively, to look at the bright side, to be a beacon of hope a PUSHER OF POSSIBILITY! It does not come naturally, you have to work at it, you have to turn that self dialogue into an opportunity to change your life. You have to plant seeds of greatness in your mind by using positive affirmations (I go through 30 every morning), using a positive wake up thought, creating your utopia, reading and listening to great inspirational books, beating out the negative bs that enters your mind! Turn your mind into the strongest muscle in your body and use it for not only YOUR good but BE A FORCE FOR GOOD for of all those around you!!! Infect others with your incredible outlook!!

I could write about this all day and I am. Look for my new book, reStart, coming out this fall. It contains the 7 key principles I use in my daily life to bring about positive change in my life and in this world, I am on a mission! Go to if you like what you hear, check out my blog. I am going to use God's purpose for my life to change the world in the best way I know how, I am done taking my time, the TIME IS NOW!

I love y'all with all of my heart and soul!

Do not be afraid to fail….

“The Only way to succeed is to have the courage to fail.” W. Randall Jones


Happy 2014! I hope that you all are having a great year so far, 2014 is your year, it is my year, and it is our year. Things are starting to happen, our sales boards are filling up, people are starting to buy, and we are getting busy.

However, there is still a lot of fear and trepidation in the market. Buyers are not quite making decisions as quickly as we would like, and some of them are holding back altogether. You can’t give up on it though, and you cannot be afraid of failure.

This business is about forward momentum and continual lead generation. It is about learning to love “No’s” and not letting them get you down. The more “No’s” you receive, the more “Yeses” you will receive as well, because you are doing the work, the hard work of success in sales.

 You have the ability to be disciplined and consistent in your efforts and that will lead you to success. It is your willingness to get up day after day and shake off the dust and do it. Even when we do not want to do it, you must. When you get up and do what you know is right, even when you do not want to, that is when you get stronger, that is when you develop your greatness.

Believe me, I know how hard it can be, I know how much rejection we all face, I know how challenging it is when deals fall apart, when the amendment won’t work, when a seller is yelling at you, when people do not appreciate what you do, when you do not get any accolades, I know it can be hard, and that is why we have to be focused on what is right and what is good, it helps our minds to breathe and reenergize!

As silly as it sounds, just think of the smile of one of your children, or the love of your family, or your past successes, or your work ethic, think of all the good things when you do not feel so encouraged and be willing to turn it all around and chose to be happy, chose to be positive and lift yourself up and also encourage those around you.

2014 is your year, have the courage to push hard and not worry about if you fail, because you will. But, you will also succeed in a big way, when you just start doing what you know is right, consistently.

We will do it! We will do it! We will do it! We will do it! I believe in you!