Chad Goldwasser

Welcome! My name is Chad Goldwasser and my mission is to positively impact the lives of everyone I touch.

I live my mission every day by efficiently and effectively guiding real estate professionals through the path to success, financial freedom and a better life. I do this by empowering them with easy-to-implement methods, systems and tools that made me #1 in the real estate industry.

Here is what I have learned, and how I can help you "Unleash Your Potential!"

Make a decision, damnit!

Are you feeling stuck on making a decision about something pretty big in your life? Having trouble deciding what to do? I know that feeling as I personally go through that quite a bit and I believe we all do. Decision making paralysis is what I like to call it. The choices we make will decide our fate and that seems pretty huge. I’m not necessarily talking about deciding what to have for breakfast, although that has an impact on our life too. I’m talking about what we choose to do with our lives. Big decisions about the direction we want to take with our lives can be tough. Following our dreams can be scary, especially when our lives are pretty comfortable as they are. I am going through a big decision making process right now and here is what I am learning, and I think it can help you too:

  1. Is the choice I am making in line with my vision and dream for my life? For me, everything comes down to my ultimate goal and dream, to make a positive impact on the lives of millions of people. I want to do this through my writing, my speaking engagements and my training for people to live their best lives. I can use this goal and dream to help me make my choices by deciding if the choice I make is in line with my vision. Are you totally clear on the dream you have for your life? If not, the big decisions you are trying to make may be more difficult. My advice here is - get crystal clear on your dream and vision for your life. For more on this, refer to my “Creating Your Utopia” tool in my new book RESTART.

  2. Ask yourself “what will happen if I choose this direction and it doesn’t work?” Is it a life or death decision? If you have not seen the documentary “Free Solo”, watch that for a true - “if I make this decision and it doesn’t work, I die” - type of decision. Truly though, think about what will happen if you follow this direction you are thinking of taking and somehow it does not go exactly as planned. Most decisions we make are not life or death. If something doesn’t work out fully, we can always take a step back and reassess. We can go back and look at things again and most likely make another decision for our dream and success. 

  3. Lastly, run your decision by a partner, a mentor, a coach or a friend. An outside opinion can be very valuable. Especially from someone that you trust, and that knows what you are trying to accomplish. You are one person with an idea. When you take that idea to a trusted advisor, that idea can grow, you can get another perspective, and you can be shown different angles on your making your decision in a strong way.

Whatever decision you are trying to make, you will make the right one. Follow these three simple suggestions and you will get more clarity on the right path. Decision paralysis is a common issue in life, especially when we know the decisions we make will decide our fate. Our minds are powerful and our dreams are real, so use that mind and that dream to help you move forward. Now go and step up, make a decision, and follow your heart.