Chad Goldwasser

Welcome! My name is Chad Goldwasser and my mission is to positively impact the lives of everyone I touch.

I live my mission every day by efficiently and effectively guiding real estate professionals through the path to success, financial freedom and a better life. I do this by empowering them with easy-to-implement methods, systems and tools that made me #1 in the real estate industry.

Here is what I have learned, and how I can help you "Unleash Your Potential!"


The more I learn about my business the more I find that it really is important to remember to always get back to the basics. People often wonder how they can reach the pinnacle of their industry and stay there, I think the answer is to be innovative and creative, but also remember that it always comes back to doing the good old fashioned basics, and doing them well! So, what are the basics?

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I have been thinking a lot lately about the use of creative vision in my life. Last week I got a Facebook request, it was a question-“Chad, do you have any teaching on increasing your vision?” My answer is yes, I have a lot of teaching on expanding your vision, and I have a lot of experience with expanding my vision.

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This was a letter to my team about why we have to be our best and how. I think it applies to all of us that want to be legends in the industry…long, but enjoy!

I think it is very important right now to get back to the basics of what has made Goldwasser Real Estate Agents among the most respected in the industry. Being the best agents in the business means we hold ourselves to higher standards of living and working. We are leaders in each and every aspect of our lives.

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Phoenix - Double Your Production

We had an amazing day here in the Phoenix area inspiring agents to take their business to the next level.  I hope all of you that attended took something(s) that were valuable that you can apply to your business.  

Many amazing leaders and agents in the area who want to consciously make a positive change in their lives.  Special Thanks to Blair Ballin, Greg Gale, Russell Shaw, Jon Sahnow, and Krisha Payne for all your support!

Days like today make me feel truly blessed!  Love you all!